Check Point                       Overview             Features             Specifications

Maximum security and performance
Ensures availability of business-critical applications with up to 25 Gbps of firewall throughput and total system for both firewall and IPS of up to 15 Gbps. Field upgradable for maximum performance flexibility (Power-1 11000 series). This means additional performance is on-line quickly and easily without any additional hardware or impact to network traffic. The upgrade process could be achieved dynamically without interrupting system or any down time.

Manageability, modularity and serviceability
Power-1 Appliances support Lights-Out Management (Out-of-Band Management) allowing users to remotely monitor and control the appliance, including device maintenance and administration. Several add-on options are available including 10 GbE modules, redundant, hot swappable power supply and hard drive.

  1. Redundant hot-swappable hard drives

  2. LCD display

  3. LCD control buttons

  4. Air intake

  5. Management & Sync ports

  6. Console port

  7. USB ports

  8. Eight 1 GbE ports

  9. Field swappable expansion modules

    • 1 GbE SX Fiber (multi mode) (4 ports)

    • 1 GbE LX Fiber (single, multi mode) (4 ports)

    • 10 GbE SR Fiber (multi mode) (2 ports)

    • 10 GbE LR Fiber (single mode) (2 ports)

  10. LOM (Out-of-Band Management) card

Streamlined deployment and management
Customers get a single hardware and software solution in Power-1 appliance which include a configuration wizard to facilitate the initial configuration, web based administration and central management using Check Point Security Management Software Blades.  This ensures quick, easy, and secure administration from anywhere in the network.

Flexible Software Blade Architecture
Power-1 includes Check Point's Software Blade Architecture. The Check Point Software Blade architecture is the first and only security architecture that delivers total, flexible and manageable security to companies of any size. With this unprecedented capability to flexibly and quickly expand security capabilities, Check Point Software Blades deliver lower cost of ownership and cost-efficient protection that meet any need, today and in the future.

Firewall Software Blade
The Firewall Software Blade provides the highest level of security, with access control, application security, authentication, and Network Address Translation (NAT) available to block unauthorized network users and protect enterprise users and data.

IPsec VPN Software Blade
The IPsec VPN Software Blade provides secure connectivity to corporate networks, remote and mobile users, branch offices and business partners. The blade integrates access control, authentication, and encryption to guarantee the security of network connections over the public Internet.

IPS Software Blade
The IPS Blade is a  multi-method threat detection engine that provides complete threat coverage for clients, servers, OS and other vulnerabilities, malware/worm infections, and more.

Acceleration & Clustering Software Blade
The Check Point Acceleration & Clustering Software Blade delivers a set of advanced technologies, SecureXL and ClusterXL, that work together to maximize performance and security in high-performance environments. These work with CoreXL, which is included with the blade containers, to form the foundation of the Open Performance Architecture.

Advanced Networking Software Blade
The Advanced Networking Software Blade includes a number of advanced networking features such as dynamic routing, multicast support, Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization and application load balancing.

Extensible with additional Check Point Software Blades: Quickly meet new security threats
Power-1 comes with a pre-configured set of software blades. Power-1 can be quickly and easily extended to meet new and evolving security requirements with additional Check Point Software Blades.

Centralized, automatic updates
Update Services enable you to configure Power-1 into an active security solution, capable of ensuring your networks are safe from new attacks via ongoing and automatic defense updates.