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Optimize Performance, Security, and Quality of Service While Preserving Yesterday's Investments

Vanguard Networks offers a complete line of enterprise multi-service IP access routers that enable the integration of secure IP services with legacy data, voice, and video applications over the WAN, while optimizing network performance, security, and quality of service (QoS). Our clients have preserved their investment in existing business applications, lowered communications costs, and enabled future growth for IP-based applications like VoIP, video streaming, and IP VPNs.

The Vanguard family consists of a scalable range of multi-service IP access routers, each providing the flexibility and modular architecture needed in today’s branch office networks. All Vanguard routers include the award-winning Applications Ware software, a comprehensive software suite that supports over 30 serial protocols, SNA/SDLC, BSC-to-LLC2 conversion, IP QoS, advanced IP routing, VPN, frame relay, ATM, voice, and encryption.