Riverbed                       Overview             Features             Specifications


  • Data Streamlining – Bandwidth utilization reduced by 60 to 95%

  • Transport Streamlining – Overcomes TCP limitations; Provides virtual window expansion; Enables High-speed TCP

  • Application Streamlining – Overcomes application protocol limitations for CIFS, MAPI, HTTP, and SQL; Enables disconnected operations; Provides transparent pre-population

Network Integration and Scalablity

  • In-path – Installs transparently in-line and provides automatic fail-to-wire

  • Out-of-path – “One arm” attachment to routers/switches with direct configuration, WCCP, policy based routing, and L4 switch redirection modes

  • Multi-port Interfaces – 4 Port GigE Card available (optional, all models). Up to twelve Ethernet ports per Steelhead appliance (3010 and 5010) support scalability and redundant WAN router and switch configurations

  • Asymmetric Routing – Connection forwarding for support of incoming and outgoing route asymmetry

  • Network Topology – Full mesh, hub and spoke, and multi-drop topologies supported

  • Clustering – Serial (in-path), Parallel (out-of-path), or Virtual In-Path clustering for massive scalability

 Management and Policy

  • Configuration – Web UI, command line interface, and Central Management Console (CMC)

  • SNMP – SNMPv2 support for monitoring and statistics gathering via MIB II and enterprise MIB

  • Comprehensive Logging – Local, CMC, and Syslog support with configurable logging levels

  • Marking – DSCP, port, and VLAN mapping and/or preservation

  • Reporting – Robust performance statistics gathering, export, and graphical reporting

  • Policy – Per-application admission and optimization controls

  • Rate Limiting – Settable WAN bandwidth rate control

High Availability and Security

  • Fail-to-Wire – Dual watchdog timers ensure no loss in network connectivity in the event of hardware or software failure

  • N:1 and 1:1 Redundancy – Hot-standby redundancy and N:1 clustering for in-path and out-of-path configurations

  • Redundant Disk and Power – Available RAID and dual power supplies protect the system from hard drive or power supply failure

  • Authentication – RADIUS and TACACS+ support for authenticating access

  • Encryption – Configurable IPsec encryption for Steelhead to Steelhead communications

  • Dual Image SW Upgrades – Scheduled over-the-wire software upgrades with dual image, rollback, and scheduled restart/reboot