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Best Performance Architecture

Not all solutions are created equal

LifeSize built an HD video architecture from the ground up focused on high quality, mainstream visual communication as easy as a phone call. LifeSize understood that customers have different needs and different environments and wanted to ensure that customers have the best experience regardless of what their environment can provide.

Not all encoders are created equal and just delivering an H.264 compliant stream is not enough. From broadcast quality sensors, to custom developed ASICS, to crystal clear wideband audio, LifeSize has true optimal performance that is simply unmatched. Superior quality means happy users, which leads to greater usage, accelerating the return on investment of HD video.

LifeSize was the first to deliver HD video at 768kbps and only LifeSize provides:
  • Full 720p, 30/60 frames per second without performance tradeoffs in resolution or motion.
  • Dual 720p30 at 768Kbps per channel to share people and content in full motion.
  • The absolute best quality video and resolution than any other system based on their capability.
  • Security without performance compromises, use 128-bit encryption and maintain HD quality.
  • 16x9 aspect ratio even when bit rates are low.
  • Adaptive Motion Control with Forward Error Correction

Adaptive Motion Control (AMC)

Real time visual motion protection

Why is motion important? Because people see in motion. Degradation of visual motion and clarity becomes distracting, and clearly does not provide an immersive feeling of “being there”.

Just as your brain adjusts to changes in your environment to protect visual motion and clarity, LifeSize Adaptive Motion Control (AMC), with Forward Error Correction (FEC), acts as the “brain” of your video architecture. LifeSize AMC allows your system to adapt to changing network conditions, auto-negotiating in real time to ensure motion handling (at 30 or 60 frames per second, your choice). AMC applies industry standard techniques such as bitrate downspeeding, packet marking, and FEC to overcome network congestion and deliver an unparalleled experience in HD video communications.

In most environments, bandwidth availability is dynamic and sometimes unpredictable. With over 200 native resolutions supported, no other vendor system can come close to matching the adaptive performance available from LifeSize. The result is seamless collaboration with no compromises. With other vendor systems, there are dramatic drop offs in quality of experience at lower bandwidths – it's not linear. If your eyes can adjust instantaneously, so should your video solution.

Only LifeSize provides:

  • More than 200 resolutions along the bandwidth continuum, enabling the best quality at any bit rate.
  • At most bandwidths, LifeSize delivers 2-4x the performance of the competition.
  • 720p, 30 frames per second at just 768Kbps of bandwidth. DVD quality at less than 512Kbps.

Best Embedded Multipoint Bridging

Extending quality to multiple participants without tradeoffs

Many people are needed to make informed decisions. LifeSize has built the highest performance
multipoint bridge architecture available in an embedded bridge system.

So you get the LifeSize performance advantage and the power of AMC while you add participants in real-time. Innovation and collaboration can’t always be “scheduled”.

Only LifeSize provides:

  • Embedded, on-demand HD multipoint for up to 6 sites in all HD modes – 720p30, 720p60 or 1080p30 full size, full frame-rate, with HD content sharing included in the base price.
  • Transcoding - assurance that low performance systems won’t reduce the experience for everyone in a multipoint call.
  • Virtual multiway with custom video layouts enabling all users to see the conference from their point of view: 2x2, active talker in full screen, and manual switching modes.
  • On demand multipoint conferencing on the world’s best embedded HD video bridge. Maintain that telepresence experience while adding participants in real time.
    participants in real time.