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Juniper Networks customers build their business future on a network infrastructure that supports flexible, customizable solutions and attracts the industry's most capable partners. Juniper's integrated products and services are focused on key solution areas in which the company has considerable expertise. The top 40 service providers, large government deployments and 92 of the Fortune 100 are among the demanding businesses that rely on Juniper Networks. Customers know their Juniper-enabled high-performance networks are a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications, thus contributing to their success.

Service Provider

Juniper Networks helps service providers move to a converged, next-generation network (NDN) that capably delivers advanced services.


Juniper Networks empowers enterprises to deliver timely, high-value interactions and transactions, fueling differentiation and growth.

Public Sector

Juniper Networks assists governments in enabling networks to accelerate the delivery of intelligence and vital resources.


Juniper Networks solutions support the educational mission through fast, secure, interconnected networks that encourage collaboration.

More Solutions from Juniper

Juniper Networks provides rich solutions aimed at helping IT groups meet the specific challenges and needs of their applications, processes and users. Armed with a high-performance network infrastructure, IT groups are better equipped to handle issues from application acceleration to the evolution of VPNs and WANs.